The Find Invoices page allows you to quickly find a specific invoice by utilizing numerous filters. 

Searching for an Invoice 

The following filters are available to help you find a specific invoice. Note that you are required to use at least one filter along with a date range and location group to search for invoices. 

  • Location Group - Select the location or location group of the invoice for which you are searching. 
  • Start Date / End Date - Set the date range in which the invoice falls by selecting a start date and end date. You can do this by either manually entering the desired date into the fields or by selecting the calendar icon and navigating to the desired date. The current week will be selected by default. 
  • Vendor - Enter a vendor name into this auto-fill field. As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type.
  • Invoice Number - If you know the number of a specific invoice for which you are searching, enter it into this field. 
  • GL Code - Enter the GL Code into this auto-fill field to search for an invoice that utilized the entered GL Code. 
  • Vendor Purchase Item - Enter a Vendor Purchase Item (VPI) into the auto-fill field to search for invoices on which the VPI appeared. 
  • Receive Unit - Filter search results by Receive Units by entering a Receive Unit into this auto-fill field. 
  • Manufacturer - Enter the name of a manufacturer. 
  • Out of Date Invoices - Select whether or not to show out-of-date invoices. 
  • Invoices with Alerts Only - Select whether or not to show only invoices that have alerts. 
  • Purchase Order Link - This option is only present if ‘Show Link to PO on Invoices’ is selected under AP Settings. This option allows you to filter by invoices linked to a PO, filter by invoices not linked to a PO, or disregard the filter by selecting “All”. 
  • UPC - Enter a Universal Product Code. Inventory Item: Search for invoices on which a particular Inventory Item appeared. 
  • Brand - Enter a brand name of an item that appeared on the invoice for which you are searching. 
  • Check # - Enter a check number. 
  • Rows - Adjust the size of the Invoices table by selecting how many invoices to show per page. 
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view all invoices that match your filters. 
  • EXPORT - After selecting SHOW, an Invoices table will display a list invoices that match your search criteria. The EXPORT button will display once this table is displayed. Select EXPORT to send the information in the Invoices table to Microsoft Excel to be viewed as a spreadsheet. 

Invoices Table 

The Invoices table displays a variety of information for each invoice that matches your search. Numerous actions can be performed using the Invoices table: 

  • Alerts - If there are any alerts associated with an invoice, a bell icon (with an accompanying number indicating the number of alerts) will appear in the “Alerts” column. To view details about the alerts, hover your mouse over the bell icon. Selecting the bell icon will navigate you to the Invoice Details page for the associated invoice. 
  • Batch Number - Selecting an underlined batch number will navigate you directly to the Batch Details page for the selected batch. 
  • Invoice Number - Selecting an underlined invoice number in this column will navigate you directly to the Invoice Details page for the selected invoice. An icon will appear to the left of each invoice number to indicate the status of that invoice. 
    • Green Checkmark - Indicates that the status of the invoice is good.
    • Yellow Exclamation Mark - Indicates that the invoice is a duplicate. 
    • Red Exclamation Mark - Indicates that there is a problem with the invoice amount or the vendor. 
  • Vendor - If you select a vendor in the “Vendor” column, you will be navigated directly to the Vendor List page. 
  • Purchase Order - Selecting a purchase order in the “Purchase Order” column will navigate you to the Purchase Order Details page for the selected purchase order. 
  • MARK INVOICES AS REVIEWED - You can mark invoices as “Reviewed” directly from the Find Invoices page. To do this, select the check boxes (in the far left column) for each invoice you want to mark as “reviewed” and select MARK INVOICES AS REVIEWED. Note: You can re-sort the Invoices table by clicking on any of the column headers. Click once to sort in ascending order. Click again to sort in descending order.