The Copy Invoice page allows you to copy the information of an invoice and duplicate its data to a new invoice/invoice batch.

Basic Usage

  • Source Invoice - Enter the invoice number of the source invoice (the invoice you would like to copy). The auto-fill field will begin to display selections based on the information you type. The available selections will be in the following format: [invoice batch number][vendor code].
  • New Invoice Batch - Enter the number of the Invoice Batch for which you would like to create a new invoice.
  • New Invoice Number - Enter a number for the new invoice.
  • New Invoice Date - Select a date for the new invoice. You can either enter the desired date manually or by select the calendar icon and navigate to the desired date.
  • New Invoice Notes - Enter any pertinent notes for the new invoice.
  • COPY / CANCEL - Select COPY to copy the source invoice to a new invoice or select CANCEL to cancel the copy.