The Brands page allows you to view, edit, or create new brands for Vendor Purchase Items (VPI’s). The table show displays Brand, Code, Vendor Purchase Items (VPI), and Invoices. 

Searching for a Brand

The following fields can be used to search for a specific brand:

  • Brand - Enter the brand name into this auto-fill field. As with any other auto-fill fields, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. If you leave this field blank, all brands will appear in the Brands table.
  • Rows per Page - Alter the size of the Brands table by selecting how many brands to show per page. “25” is selected by default.
  • Show - Select whether to show Active, Deactivated, or All brands. “Active” is selected by default.
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view all brands that match your search criteria. The Brands Table
  • Invoices - If you select a green arrow icon in the invoices column, you will be navigated to the Find Invoices page where you will be able to view the last 10 invoices for the selected brand.
  • EDIT - In order to edit a brand, select the pencil icon. This will allow you to change the name or the code of the selected brand.
  • UPDATE / CANCEL - Select UPDATE to commit the change or CANCEL to cancel the change. 

Creating a New Brand

To create a new brand, select NEW BRAND. A “New Brand” window will appear.

  • Brand Name - Enter the name of the new brand.
  • Brand Code - Enter the code you to associate with the new brand.
  • Add Another - If you select this option, you will be able to immediately create a new brand without having to re-select NEW BRAND.
  • SAVE / CANCEL - Select SAVE to save the new brand or CANCEL to cancel the new brand.