The Accounts Payable GL Codes page allows you to select which GL Codes can be used throughout the Accounts Payable module. The page displays a table of all GL Codes and their associated GL Code Names. The table also displays a green check mark for GL Codes that are available for use throughout the Accounts Payable module. 

Basic Usage


  • EDIT - While you cannot change the GL code or its name from this particular page, you can select whether or not to set a particular GL Code to be used in conjunction with the AP module. To allow a GL Code to be used throughout the AP module, select the check box next for the desired GL Code. 
  • SAVE - Select SAVE to commit a change. 
  • CANCEL - Select CANCEL to cancel a change.
  • Invoices - If you select the green arrow icon in the Invoices column for a GL Code, you will be navigated to the Find Invoices page for the selected GL Code. Here, you will be able to view the last 10 invoices to utilize the selected GL Code.