A Purchase Order Template allows you to set up a list of vendor purchase items for a particular vendor. This can be helpful if you place similar orders to a particular vendor on a regular basis. Rather than creating a new Purchase Order from scratch each time you place a routine order to a particular vendor, you can simply select the appropriate Purchase Order Template. 

The Purchase Order Templates page allows you to view and/or edit existing purchase order templates or create new purchase order templates. 

  • Searching for a PO Template Vendor - Enter the vendor’s name into the auto-fill field. As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. 
  • Template Name - Enter the name of the template for which you are searching. 
  • Rows per Page - Alter the size of the table by selecting how many templates to show per page. "25" is selected as default. 
  • Display - Filter whether to show "Active", "Deactivated", or "All" PO templates. “Active” is set to default 
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view all corresponding PO templates. 

Purchase Order Templates Table 

The Purchase Order Templates table includes a list of previously created PO templates, their associated vendors, and the number of Vendor Purchase Items on the template. 

  • Selecting an underlined template name or the pencil icon next to a particular template will navigate you to the PO Template Details page for that template. 
  • Selecting an underlined vendor name will navigate you to the Vendor List page. 
  • Selecting the red x icon will delete a template. 

Creating a New Purchase Order Template 

Selecting NEW PO TEMPLATE will open the New Purchase Order Template window where you will be able to create a new PO Template. 

  • Template Name - Enter the desired name of the new template into the Template Name field. 
  • Vendor - Enter the name of the vendor for which you are creating the new PO template into this auto-fill field. 
  • SAVE - Select SAVE to save the new PO template. This will automatically navigate you to the PO Template Details page. 
  • CANCEL - Select CANCEL to cancel the creation of a new purchase PO template and return to the main Purchase Order Template page.