The Event Menu Items page allows you to view, delete, and create new event menu items that can be used when designing your special event menus and setting up beverage services. Note: These menu items are not tied to actual POS information; rather, they are only use specifically throughout the Event Management module. 

Searching for an Event Menu 

  • Item Event Menu Item - Enter the name of the menu item into this auto fill field. As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type.
  • Rows per Page - Adjust the size of the Event Menu Items table by selecting the number of event menu items to show per page.
  • Display - Select whether to view all, active, or deactivated event menu items. “Active” is selected by default.
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view the results that match your search criteria. 

Creating a New Event Menu Item 

  • Event Menu Item Name - Enter the desired name of the new menu item.
  • Is a Beverage? - Select this if the new event menu item is a beverage. If this option is selected, the menu item will be available for selection when setting up your beverage service.
  • Subject to Additional Tax? - Select whether or not the new event menu item is subject to an additional tax.
  • Notes - Enter any pertinent notes you wish to appear with the menu item. Note: Although this note will not auto-populate in the “Notes” column of the ‘Food’ tab or ‘Beverage Services’ tab on the Event Details page, the notes will be displayed on the Event Contract report.
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to create the new event menu item or CANCEL to negate the creation of the new event menu item. 

Upload Event Menu Items 

If you select UPLOAD EVENT MENU ITEMS, you will be automatically navigated to the Upload Event Menu Items page where you can upload a .CSV file of all your event menu items. For more information on uploading Event Menu Items, please see the Upload Event Menu Items page. 

The Event Menu Items Table 

The Event Menu Items table displays the following information for each event menu item: the event menu item name, beverage designation, additional tax designation, and notes. Edit: If you select a pencil icon, you will be able to edit the corresponding event menu item.

  • Deactivate - Select a red x icon to deactivate the corresponding event menu item. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deactivation.
  • Restore - If “Deactivated” or “All” is selected in the ‘Display’ drop-drown field, you will be able to restore a previously deactivated event menu item by selecting the restore icon.