The Cancellation Reasons page allows you to view, edit, deactivate, or create new cancellation reasons. A cancellation reason is an informational tag used to designate the reason for which an event was cancelled. 

Basic Usage 

  • Rows per Page - Adjust the size of the Cancellations Reasons table by selecting the number of events to show per page.
  • Display - Select whether to view all, active, or deactivated event types. “Active” is selected by default.
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view the results that match your search criteria.
  • Edit - If you select a pencil icon, you will be able to edit the name of the corresponding cancellation reason. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit the change.
  • Deactivate - Select a red x icon to deactivate the corresponding cancellation reason. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deactivation.
  • Restore - If “Deactivated” or “All” is selected in the ‘Display’ drop-drown field, you will be able to restore a previously deactivated cancellation reason by selecting the restore icon. 

New Cancellation Reason 

To create a new cancellation reason, select NEW CANCELLATION REASON at the top left corner of the page. Upon selection, the “New Cancellation Reason” window will appear. 

  • Cancellation Reason - Enter the name of the new cancellation reason into this text field.
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to create the new cancellation reason or CANCEL to negate the creation of the cancellation reason.