The Event Calendar page is the base page of the Event Management module. This page provides you with a calendar view of a location’s events, and you can create a new event by selecting a date on the currently displayed month. 

Searching for an Event

  • Location - Select the location for which to view or create scheduled events.
  • Month/Year - Select the month and year for which to view scheduled events. The current month and year will be displayed by default.
  • Additionally, you can easily navigate between months by selecting either the back-arrow calendar icon or the forward-arrow calendar icon.
  • Show Canceled? - Select whether or not you would like the calendar to display cancelled events.
  • Find Event - Enter the name of the event, the event date, or the event number into the ‘Find Event' auto-fill field to search for a specific event. As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type.
  • VIEW - Select VIEW to automatically navigate to the Event Details page of the selected event.
  • ‘Print’ - Select the print icon to view and print the Event Calendar report for the selected location, month, and year.

Event Calendar

The event calendar displays pertinent information for all scheduled events for the selected location and month. You can also create a new event by selecting an underlined date on the calendar. 

  • Banquet Room Code - The first entry for every event is the banquet room code. Banquet room codes and colors can be set up on the Banquet Rooms and Offsite Locations page. For more information on setting up a banquet room, see the Banquet Rooms and Offsite Locations page. Note: If a room is double-booked, a “!DB!” will appear above the room code to alert you of the situation.
  • Time - The second entry displayed is the event’s start time and end time.
  • Contact’s Last Name - Thirdly, the contact’s last name will be displayed. If you hover your mouse over the contact’s name, an “Event” window will appear displaying a summary of import event information. If you select the contact’s last name, you will be automatically navigated to the Event Details page for the selected event.
  • Guest Count -Lastly, the number of expected guests is displayed. To the right of the guest count is the event’s abbreviated status.
    • I: Inquiry
    • E: Estimate
    • C: Confirmed
    • X: Canceled
    • F: Finalized
  • ‘Clip board’ - The clipboard icon will be displayed to the right of an event’s status if there are any attached documents, table configurations or room setups associated with the event.
  • Lock/Unlock - A locked padlock icon indicates that the day is locked and no additional events can be added to the day. An unlocked padlock icon indicates that the day is unlocked and additional events can be added. To lock or unlock a day, simply select the icon.
  • Create a New Event - To create a new event, select the date at the top left corner of any day on the calendar. Upon selection, you will be navigated to the Event Details page where you can enter information for the new event.