The View Checkbook page allows you to view actual versus budgeted information for a selected checkbook, period, and location group. 

Viewing a Checkbook 

  • Checkbook - Select a checkbook to view.
  • Period - Select the period for which to view actual versus budgeted information.
  • Location Group - Select a location or location group for which to view budget information.
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view the results that match your search criteria.
  • BACK - Select BACK to return to the Manage Checkbooks page. 

Checkbook by Category Table

The Checkbook by Category table displays the following information: Category, Spent, Adjusted Budget, Adjusted Budget Remaining, Adjusted Budget % Spent, Starting Budget, Starting Budget Remaining, and Starting Budget % Spent. 

  • Checkbook Details - Located above the Checkbook by Category table is the “Checkbook Details” window. While un-editable, this section displays the Checkbook name, Budget Style, Actual Sales, and Budgeted Sales.
  • Category - Selecting a Category will navigate you to the View Checkbook Category page where information for the selected category will automatically be displayed. For more information on the View Checkbook Category page, see the View Checkbook Category page.