The Journal Entry Details page allows you to view and add line-item financial information to a specific GL Code. For example, if invoice information is not captured in the Accounts Payable module, you can input that invoice information on this page so that the information is reflected throughout RADAR. 

If you create a new journal entry on the GL Journal Entries page, you will automatically be navigated to the Journal Entry Details page when you select SAVE in the “New Journal Entry” window. The Journal Entry Details page can also be accessed by selecting the view document icon next to a journal entry number on the GL Journal Entries page. 

Adding a New Journal Entry Detail 

A line item can be added to the journal entry using the “Add Line Item” window. 

  • Location - Select the location for the new line item.
  • Posting Date - Enter the posting date by either typing the desired date into this field or by selecting the calendar icon and navigating to the desired day.
  • GL to Debit - Enter the GL Code to debit. This is an auto-fill field, so selections that match your typed information will appear as you type.
  • GL Code to Credit - Enter the GL Code to credit. This is also an auto-fill field.
  • Amount - Enter the dollar amount to credit or debit.
  • Posting Comment - Enter any pertinent notes you would like to appear with the line item detail.
  • POST - Select POST to post the line item.

The Line Items Table 

The Line Items table displays the following information for each line item: Location, Posting Date, GL Code, Amount, and Comments. You can also use this table to edit or deactivate a line item. 

  • Edit - Selecting the pencil icon will allow you to edit a line item’s information. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit any changes.
  • Delete - Select the red x icon to delete a line item. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deletion. 

The Journal Entry Totals

The Journal Entry Totals table is displayed at the bottom of the Journal Entry Details page. This table displays the total dollar amount for each GL code in the journal entry. 

Advanced Usage 

  • PRINT - Select PRINT to open the Journal Entry report in a new window. From here, you can easily print a copy of the Journal Entry report.
  • UPLOAD - Select UPLOAD to upload line item details from a .CSV file. Upon selection, the Upload Line Items window will appear.
  • ‘Download CSV Template file’ - Select this option to download the Journal Entry Template. This template will contain sample information to help you input your line item details in the correct format.
  • CHOOSE FILE - Select CHOOSE FILE or BROWSE (depending on your browser) to locate your .CSV file.
  • UPLOAD - Select UPLOAD to upload your line item information to RADAR.