This page allows you to inject a value into the posted g/l entry table for any location and date. Typically, entries in the posted g/l table come from daily GL sales postings, or AP, or Inventory adjustments, etc. It's rare that you would have to make direct entries against a g/l account, though it is sometimes necessary- hence the existence of this page. 


  • Choose your location and date. 
  • Choose either a g/l code to debit or one to credit- or both. One-sided entries are allowed on Ctuit as we are an operational accounting tool and don't support true balance sheet accounting. 
  • Enter your amount, this should be a positive number. 
  • Posting comment is optional, but if entered will show on the GL report. 
  • Click the 'Post' button to save your changes. 


Amounts must be positive. If you are trying to post a negative number as a debit, post it as a credit, instead. On the old BIS site, you were forced to make double-sided entries. With this new page, you can now make one-sided entries.