The GL Accrual Management page allows you to view, edit, and set up accruals for financial reporting. Generally, you would want to accrue for fixed expenses or expenses that can be calculated as a percentage of another GL Code (or group of GL Codes). For example, you may have a fixed marketing expense ($500/week per location) you would like to show on the Ops Statement. 

Using this page, you can set up an accrual to automatically post the $500/week. Another example of an accrual you could set up on this page would be one that accrues for Workmen’s Comp at 3.1% of labor. 

Viewing Accrual Information 

The “Accruals” section, located in the top left portion of the page, displays a list of your company’s accruals. 

  • Only Active Accruals? - If this option is selected, as it is by default, only the accruals that are currently active will be displayed. 
  • NEW ACCRUAL - Selecting NEW ACCRUAL will allow you to create a new accrual. For more information on creating a new accrual, see the Creating a New Accrual section below.
  • To view detailed information about an accrual, select an accrual in the list. Upon selection, the Accrual Details table will appear to the right of the “Accruals” section. This table displays the following information: Status, Start Date, End Date, Location, GL Code, Rule, Amount, Ratio, Created by, and Modified by. 
  • Location - To see the accruals for a specific location, select a location in this drop-down field. You may also select “All Locations Only” to only see accruals that are assigned to all locations. 
  • NEW DATES - If you select NEW DATES at the top right corner of the page, the New GL Accrual window will appear where you can define a new date range for the current accrual by entering the desired start date and end date. Status: There are two icons that may display in the “Status” column: 
    • ‘Green check mark’ - A green check mark icon indicates that an accrual is current. 
    • ‘Restore’ - A restore icon indicates that an accrual has expired. 
  • Edit - Selecting the pencil icon will allow you to edit an accrual’s information. For more information on the fields that can be edited, see the Creating a New Accrual section below. 
  • Delete - Select the red x icon to delete an accrual. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deletion. Note: While an accrual that is assigned to “All Locations” can be viewed in the Accrual Details table when a specific location is selected in the ‘Location’ drop-down field, it cannot be edited or deleted. To edit or delete an accrual that is assigned to “All Locations”, select “All Locations” in the ‘Locations’ drop-down field.

Creating a New Accrual 

  • Accrual Name - Enter a name for the new accrual. 
  • Location - Assign the accrual to a specific location by selecting a location in this field. Select “All Locations” to assign the accrual to all locations. 
  • Start/End Date - Select a start date and end date for the new accrual by either typing the desired dates into the fields or by selecting the calendar icons and navigating to the desired days. Note: If you would like to leave the accrual open-ended, leave the ‘End Date’ field blank. 
  • GL Code - Select the GL Code to which the Amount will apply. Note: If the desired GL Code is not available, select GL CODES FOR ACCRUALS at the top of the page to assign a GL Code for use with accruals. 
  • Rule -Select one of the following rule types: 
    • Dollar - If “Dollar” is selected, the Amount entered will be spread evenly across a full week. 
    • Percent - If “Percent” is selected, the Amount entered will be applied against the GL Code or GL Master Category selected in the drop-down field located below the ‘Amount’ field. 
    • Budget - If “Budget” is selected, the budgeted amount for the selected GL Code will be applied to the accrual. Note: The ‘Amount’ text field will display “N/A”. Amount: Enter the accrual amount. 
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to save the new accrual or CANCEL to cancel the creation of the new accrual. 

Reposting an Accrual 

The “Repost List” section, located in the bottom left section of the page, displays the location and date range for accruals that have been set up. This section allows you to repost the accrual back to the starting date of the accrual range. Note: You may only repost back 35 days; the REPOST button will not be available for anything earlier than 35 days. 

  • SELECT ALL - Selecting SELECT ALL will select all items in the Repost List. Alternatively, you may select individual items by selecting the corresponding check boxes. 
  • CLEAR - Selecting CLEAR will deselect all items in the Repost List. 
  • EMAIL - Enter the email address to which a repost notification should be sent. 
  • REPOST - Select REPOST to repost the selected items in the Repost List. 
  • DELETE - Select DELETE to delete the selected items in the Repost List.

Advanced Usage 

  • GL CODES FOR ACCRUALS - If you select GL CODES FOR ACCRUALS at the top left corner of the page, you will be navigated to the GL Accrual GL Codes page where you can assign GL Codes to be used with accruals. 
  • UPLOAD - If you would like to manage your accruals in a spreadsheet, select UPLOAD near the top left corner of the page. Upon selection, the “Upload GL Accruals” window will appear. 
  • 'Download Template’ - Select ‘Download Template’ to download an Excel spreadsheet template that is formatted to be used in conjunction with the GL Accrual Management page. 
  • CHOOSE FILE/BROWSE - To upload a GL Accruals Excel spreadsheet, select CHOOSE FILE or BROWSE (depending on your browser) to locate your .XLS file. 
  • UPLOAD - Once you have located your .XLS file, select UPLOAD to upload your accrual information to RADAR. 
  • DONE - Select DONE to close the Upload GL Accruals window. 
  • EXPORT CURRENT - Select EXPORT CURRENT to open all currently used accruals in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 
  • EXPORT ALL - Select EXPORT ALL to open all accruals in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why can’t I edit an accrual? 

A: If an accrual is assigned to a location via the ‘All Locations’ setting, it will show on the grid while viewing the location, but it will not be available for editing. To edit it, reset the ‘Location’ drop-down field to “All Locations”. My accruals are not showing up on the Ops Statement! Don’t forget that the accruals are set on import, so they will be active with the next import. You can repost days in order to make changes to history. 

Q: Why isn’t the ‘Repost’ button available? 

A: Accrual setup is intended to be proactive, so you cannot repost back beyond 35 days (to encompass a 5- week period at the most).