Where COGs categories map one GL Account on to another, GL Master Categories are a hierarchy of other GL Categories. This provides a map for RADAR features like the Ops Statement Report and other rollup reporting. 

Creating/Editing a GL Master Category 

  • New GL Master Category - To create a new GL Master Category, select NEW GL MASTER CATEGORY. This will open a new window. 
  • GL Master Category Name - Enter the desired GL Master Category name. 
  • Type - Select the Accrual Type drop the drop-down. 
  • Multiplier - When the Ops Statement Report runs, the multiplier taken into account during aggregation. This is typically utilized for negating a category via the ‘-1’ Multiplier. 
  • Save/Cancel - Select SAVE to create the new Category, or CANCEL to cancel the creation of a new category. 
  • Green Arrow - Select the green arrow icon to view Assigned and Available GL Codes. To assign or remove a GL Code from a Master Category, select the relevant Code, then utilize the << or >> buttons.
  • Edit - Select the pencil icon to edit the Master Category’s Multiplier. 
  • Delete - To delete a Master Category, select the red x icon. This will only be present when there are no members within a category.