The Time Off Requests page allows you to mark an employee as unavailable for one date, a date range, or on a recurring day of the week. These requests will show up in the Alert Summary of the Builder and on the Weekly Labor Schedule Detail report if an employee is scheduled for date/time when they have a conflict. 

You may prevent schedules from being posted if an availability conflict exists by turning on the “Disallow Posting When There are Availability Conflicts” option on the Labor Scheduling Settings page. 

Searching for Time Off Requests

  • Location - Select a location for which to view time off requests. 
  • Week - Select the week for which to view time off requests. The current week will be selected by default. 
  • Job - Select which job to view. You can also view 'All Jobs', which is selected by default. 
  • Employee - Enter a specific employee's name to search for their requests alone. As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. 
  • Show - Select whether to view All Pending, Pending & Approved, Approved, Deactivated, or All time off requests. The page defaults to 'All Pending' when loaded. Select SHOW to view the requests and options that match your search criteria. 
  • View - Selecting search criteria other than 'All Pending' will cause the 'View' drop-down to appear. You can use this to display your results in list or calendar form. 
  • Hide Recurring Requests? - Select this option to exclude recurring requests from your search. 

Time Off Requests Table 

The Time Off Requests table includes the employee name associated with the request, as well as the day, date range, or recurring day; and notes. Depending on your search criteria, various editing options will be available. 

  • Approve/Disallow - The APPROVE and DISALLOW buttons will show if you have chosen to view 'All Pending', 'Pending and Approved', or 'All' requests. These are requests that have been made by an employee through the Ctuit Schedules app. Approving one of these requests will update the employee's schedule on the app, as well as on RADAR. It will also give you the ability to further edit the shift, or to deactivate it. Note: The DISALLOW option simply deletes the request - it will not be available for reactivation. 
  • Edit - The edit option will be available for Approved requests. Select the pencil icon to edit. You can change the employee, the day/time of the request, or any related notes. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit any changes. 
  • Deactivate - The deactivate option is available for Approved requests. Select the red x icon to deactivate a request. Upon selection, a window will appear that will allow you to confirm or cancel the deactivation. 
  • Restore - The restore option is available for deactivated requests. Select the green restore arrow icon to restore a deactivated time off request, making it available for approval or disallowance. 

Creating a New Time Off 

To create a new Time Off request, select NEW TIME OFF REQUEST. The “New Time Off Request” window will appear where you can enter the following information: 

  • Employee - Enter the employee’s name into the auto-fill field. As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. Additionally, you can filter the employees displayed in the auto-fill field by selecting one of the following: 
    • Worked this Location - This option will display only the employees that have worked at the selected location. 
    • All - This option will display all active employees. 
  • Request Type - Use this drop-down field to select whether the employee’s request is for one day, a date range, or for a weekly recurring day of the week. 
    • One Day - If this option is selected, you will be able to enter the date in the ‘DOB’ field. You can manually enter the date or select the calendar icon and navigate to the desired day. 
    • Date Range - If this option is selected, you will be able to enter the “from” date and “to” date to set the date range. 
    • Recurs Weekly - If this option is selected, you will be able to select the recurring day of the week for which the employee will be unavailable. 
    • Recurs Daily - If this option is selected, you will be able to select the recurring, daily time range for which the employee will be unavailable. 
  • All Day? - If the employee is unavailable for only a few hours, deselect “All Day?” and enter the unavailable time range into the corresponding text fields. Note: Enter any pertinent notes for the unavailability request. 
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to save the new request or CANCEL to cancel the new request. 

Blocked Dates 

Blocked dates will appear as grayed-out in the Ctuit Schedules app, preventing users from selecting them. Dates that are already blocked are displayed in the "Blocked Dates" table to the right of the page. When the New Blocked Date window is active, this table will show blocked dates for all locations - otherwise, it is sensitive to the current location(s) in the Time Off Requests Table. 

  • Deactivate - To deactivate a blocked date, select the red x icon next to the relevant entry on the Blocked Dates table. To create a blocked date, select NEW BLOCKED DATE. This will cause a new window to appear, where you will be able to edit the following information: 
    • DOB - Select the day of the blocked date. You may enter this manually, or use the calendar icon to select it. 
    • Location Group - Select the location or location group for which this blocked date will apply. 
    • Work Center - Select an option from the drop-down to have your blocked date only apply for employees in a specific work center. 
    • Add Another? - Check this box to prevent the window from closing upon saving. 
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to create the new blocked date, or CANCEL to negate it.