The Quick Notes page allows you to view, edit, and/or create a new quick note. These quick notes appear when selecting "Add Shift" on the Builder page in the "Shift Details" window, or on the Template page in "Add Shift" window, and can be used to describe the specific details of a particular shift. 

Quick Notes Table

The Quick Notes table displays the abbreviation and note text for each quick note. The Quick Notes table also allows you to do the following: 

  • Edit - To edit a quick note, select the pencil icon. This will allow you to edit the abbreviation or the text of the quick note. For more information on these fields, see the New Quick Note section below. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit the change or CANCEL to cancel the changes made to a note. 
  • Delete - To delete a quick note, select the red x icon. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear that will allow you to confirm or cancel the deletion. New Quick Note To create a new quick note, select NEW QUICK NOTE. Upon selection, the “New Quick Note” window will appear where you are required to enter the following information: 
    • Abbreviation - Enter an abbreviation for the new quick note. This abbreviation will be displayed in the drop-down field next to the ‘Notes’ field on the “Shift Details” window of the Builder page. 
    • Text - Enter text for the new quick note (e.g., line cook position, table section, etc.). This information will auto-populate the ‘Notes’ field on the “Shift Details” window of the Builder page. 
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to create the new quick note or CANCEL to cancel the creation of a new quick note.