The Announcements page can be used to post messages to the *Manager* section of the Bulletin Board page in the Schedules app. These announcements can be made to display for specific location groups and work centers. 

To view saved announcements, select a location group, a start/end date, or one of the listed work periods, then select SHOW. Any announcements will show in the table at the bottom of the page. 

Create an Announcement

To create a new announcement, select NEW ANNOUNCEMENT. This will open a new window where you can enter the following information: 

  • Location Group: Select the location group for which the announcement should display. 
  • Work Center: Select a work center for which the announcement should display. ‘All’ is selected by default. 
  • Message: Enter the text of the announcement. 
  • SAVE/CANCEL: Select SAVE to broadcast your announcement, or CANCEL to close the window. Note that the saved announcements are sent out immediately.