The Recipes with Serviceware page allows you to view a list of all recipes associated with a particular serviceware item.  When you initially navigate to the Recipes with Serviceware page, all recipes associated with all serviceware items will be displayed. 

Basic Usage 

  • Serviceware:  To see all recipes associated with a particular serviceware item, enter the the name of the serviceware item into this auto-fill field.  As with any other auto-fill fields, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. 
  • SHOW:  Select SHOW to view all serviceware items that match your search criteria. 
  • Recipes with Serviceware table:  The Recipes with Serviceware table displays the name, recipe, quantity, and notes for each serviceware item. 
  • Recipe:  If you select a recipe name, you will be navigated to the Recipe Details page for the selected recipe.