The Serviceware page allows you to manage Serviceware that can be used when creating or editing a recipe.  This page allows you to view, edit, or delete Serviceware items that can be used in a recipe.  Serviceware items are items that are used in a recipe, but they are not actual food ingredients.  Soup bowls, plates, salad bowls, etc. are a few examples of what would be considered Serviceware. 

Basic Usage 

  • Rows per Page:  Select the number of rows to display on the Serviceware table.  The default number of rows can be set up on the Recipe Settings page. 
  • Display:  Select whether to show active, deactivated, or all Serviceware.  “Active” is selected by default. 
  • SHOW:  Select SHOW to view all Serviceware that match your search criteria. 

New Serviceware 

To create a new Serviceware, select NEW SERVICEWARE.  After selection, a “New Serviceware” window will appear where you will be able to enter the following information: 

  • Serviceware:  Enter the name of the new Serviceware item. 
  • Notes:  Enter any pertinent notes to associate with the new Serviceware item. 
  • Add Another:  If this option is selected when you select SAVE, you will be able to quickly add another new serviceware item without having to re-select NEW SERVICEWARE. 
  • SAVE/CANCEL:  Select SAVE to save the newServiceware item, or select CANCEL to negate the creation of a new Serviceware item. 

The Serviceware Table 

The Serviceware table displays the name, notes and recipes associated with each Serviceware item.  If you select the underlined number in the “Recipes” column, you will be navigated to the Recipes with Serviceware page where all you will see a list of all recipes that use the selected Serviceware item. 

  • Edit:  Select the pencil icon to edit a Serviceware item.  This will allow you to edit the Serviceware name and the associated notes.  Select UPDATE to save your changes or CANCEL to cancel your changes. 
  • Deactivate:  Select the red x icon to deactivate a Serviceware item.  A confirmation window will appear that will allow you to verify or cancel the deletion.  Note:  A Serviceware item must not be associated with any recipes in order for it to be available for deactivation.