If you want to use recipes to generate theoretical usages and theoretical costs, you must link your recipes to your menu items. RADAR allows you to link a single recipe to multiple menu items.  For a user to link a recipe to a menu item, the user must not have the “Cannot link Menu Items to Recipes” user permission selected.  

To link a recipe to a menu item, select a number under the “Menu Items” column.  Once selected, the “Link Recipe To Menu Item” window will appear. 

  • Menu Item - Enter the menu item into the auto-fill field.  As with any other auto-fill field, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. 
  • Ratio - Enter the ratio of menu items to recipe. 
  • ADD - Select ADD to link the menu Item to the recipe. 

Once you have added a menu item to the recipe, a table will display the menu items linked to the recipe.  This table displays the menu item name, menu code, type, ratio, date ranges, and location of each menu item.  Note:  The “date ranges” and “locations” columns will only appear if you have “Location & Date Range Specific Menu Items” selected under Recipe Settings. 

  • Edit - In order to edit the menu item directly from this table, select the pencil icon.  This will allow you to change the menu item name, ratio, date range, and location(s). 
  • Date Range - Select your start and end date by either typing the desired date into the fields or by selecting the calendar icon and navigating to the desired days.  The current week will be selected by default. 
  • Locations - Select locations for the menu item.  You can also select “Select All” to easily select all locations, or you can select “Clear” to clear all selections. 
  • UPDATE/Cancel - Select UPDATE to commit the changes or CANCEL to cancel the changes. 
  • Delete - To delete the linked menu item, select the red x icon. 
  • DONE - Select DONE to save your changes and return to the main Recipe List page.