The Recipe List page is the base page for the Recipes module.  This page allows you to view and organize your recipes and prep recipes by category through the use of the recipe tree located on the far left side of the page.  Additionally, you can use this page to link recipes to menu items. 

Basic Usage 

  • Book View - Select the recipe book for which you would like to view all attached recipes.  If you would like to limit the users who may view a particular recipe book, see “Assign Users to Book” under Advanced Usage. 
  • Rows per Page - Adjust the size of the Recipes table by selecting the number of recipes to show per page.  Note:  The default number can be altered on the Recipe Settings page. 
  • Display - Select whether or not to show active, deactivated, or all recipes.  “Active” is selected by default. 
  • Find Recipe - If you would like to view a specific recipe, enter the recipe’s name in the auto-fill field.  As with any other auto-fill filed, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. 
  • Add Recipe Book - In order to create a new recipe book, select the blue plus icon to the right of the ‘Book View’ drop-down.  After selection, a “New Recipe Book” window will appear. 
  • Name - Enter the name for the new recipe book. 
  • ADD/CANCEL - Select ADD to create the new recipe book or CANCEL to cancel the creation of the new recipe book. 
  • Edit Recipe Book Name - In order to change the name of a recipe book, select the pencil icon next to the ‘Book View’ field.  After selection, an “Edit Recipe Book” window will appear where you will be able to edit the name of the recipe book.  Select SAVE to save your name change or CANCEL to cancel your changes.  Note:  You may not rename the “All Recipes” recipe book. 
  • Clone Recipe Book - To clone an entire recipe book, select the clone icon.  This will open the “Clone Recipe Book” window where you can do the following: 
    • New Recipe Book - Enter a name for the new recipe book.  I you leave this field blank, the new recipe book will default to the name of the original recipe book + a number (e.g., Entrée Recipes1). 
    • Make Copies of the recipes in this book? - Select whether or not to copy all the recipes in the recipe book. 
    • Recipe Suffix - If you select “Yes” next to “Make Copies of the recipes in this book”, you will need to enter a suffix for all recipes in the new book.  This is required because you are not allowed to have multiple recipes of the same name, even if the recipes are in different books.  If you leave this field blank, the new recipes will have the same name as the original recipes plus a number (e.g., Mashed Potatoes1). 
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to clone the recipe book.  Select CANCEL to close the “Clone Recipe Book” window without saving. 
  • Delete Recipe Book - To delete a recipe book, select the red x icon next to the ‘Book View’ field.  Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deletion.  Note:  You may not delete the “All Recipes” recipe book.