This report displays a store-by-store comparison of up to three metrics for a specified week. 

Report Usage 

This report provides the user with a quick way to compare information across locations. It allows the user to select up to three metrics for comparison from an extensive list of available metrics. 

Report Features

  • Filter by location(s) or location group(s).
  • Filter by week.
  • Select up to three metrics. Metrics are displayed in columns, and locations are displayed in rows.
  • Once you have your options set up, you can save these as presets by selecting 'Show Report Presets' and entering a name for the preset. Then save the preset by selecting 'Save Preset'. This will allow users to run the report with predefined presets to save time and allow for consistency.
  • The report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.