This sales report displays comp and promo information for a specified week. The report breaks the week down by displaying a column for each day of the week. The Weekly Comps and Promos report also lets you view information for all comps/promos or specific comps/promos. Graphs are displayed at the bottom of the report as a visual overview of comps/promos for the week. 

Report Usage

This report provides you with a great visual comparison of comps and promos for each day of the specified week. It also displays a total dollar amount for a location or location group. This report can be an efficient tool that can be used to help you determine which days run the highest for comps/promos. 

Report Features

  • Filter the report by location or location groups. 
  • Filter by week. 
  • Select from one of the following metrics: Sum or Average.
  • Filter by comp type. Comp options will show dynamically by date and location selection. 
  • Filter by promo type. Promo options will show dynamically by date and location selections. 
  • Select whether to show Net Sales or Gross Sales. 
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.