The Theoretical Item Cost Detail report shows theoretical cost % by menu item, grouped by master sale department. 

Report Usage 

Use this report to analyze cost %, $ cost, profit margin, velocity and contribution of menu item or menu items for a selected date range. 

Report Features 

  • Select an item group or all item groups (default). 
  • Option to include zero priced items, default is to not show zero priced items. 
  • Option to include zero cost items, default is to show zero cost items. 
  • Option to hide PLU #s default, is hidden. 
  • Option to sort by the following: Velocity(default), Margin, Contribution or Item Name. 
  • Option to show Gross (default) or Net. 
  • Option to hide location detail (default) or to show location details. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How is the velocity ranking calculated? 

A: Velocity shows 1 to 8 with 1 being the most items sold. 

Q: How is the margin ranking calculated? 

A: Margin is price minus cost, the item with the highest margin is ranked as 1. 

Q: How is the contribution ranking calculated? 

A: Quantity of items sold multiplied by margin, the item with the highest total margin shows as a contribution of 1. Special Circumstances