The Suggested Ordering report displays information about inventory items that should be ordered. In order to utilize this report, Par must first be established. The following formula used in determining whether or not an inventory item needs to be ordered: Ending inventory + AP +/- Transfers - Sold Quantity = On hand. On hand – Par = Suggested Order. This report can be accessed from the Reports module from the Inventory module under the ‘Reports’ tab. 

Report Usage 

This report can help an operator know which items (and how much of each item) he or she needs to order so that they have at least their established par on the shelf. 

Report Features 

  • Filter by location. 
  • Filter by date. 
  • Filter by Vendor. 
  • Filter by Inventory Item Group. 
  • Select whether or not to view all items, even if they do not need to be ordered. 
  • Select whether or not to include inventory items with no inventory history. 
  • Filter by GL Code. All GL Codes are initially selected by default. 
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.