The Running Inventory Level report displays inventory amount for the five inventory cycles leading up to the selected date. Additionally, this report compares these amounts to the overall five-week average. This report can be accessed from the Reports module or from the Inventory module under the ‘Reports’ tab. 

Report Usage 

The Running Inventory Level report is a good auditing tool that helps you compare the amount of an inventory item you have on hand to the overall average holding amount during the previous five inventory cycles. This information can help you determine if you have too much of an item on hand or too little. Large dollar variances and quantity differences could point to a data entry error and should be investigated.  

Report Features

  • Filter by location(s) or location group(s).
  • Filter by Inventory Date.
  • Filter by Inventory Item Group.
  • Filter by Inventory Item Cycle
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.