The Operations Statement report provides a detailed summary of your financial operations during a specified date range. The report displays income and its allocation to operating expenses, labor, COGS, accruals, and additional sources of income. The Ops Statement is populated via the mapping of sales, comps, paid ins/outs, and promos from the POS to RADAR. 

This report can be accessed from the Reports module, the Company Configuration module under the ‘Reports’ tab, and the GL Sales module under the ‘Reports’ tab. If your company does not have your Operations Statement set up in Company Configuration, you will receive an error message when you attempt to run this report. 

Report Usage 

This report is a powerful tool for your business because it provides a detailed summary of all sales and expenses for your business, effectively working as a Profit and Loss statement. It also reflects your budget (if it has been entered into RADAR), so it can give you great information regarding you company’s current financial status relative to your budget. 

Report Features 

  • Filter by location(s) or location group(s). 
  • Filter by date. This report can be run for any specified length of time; however, it creates a new table for each period. Select the budget behavior by selecting either “Standard” or “Declining” from the ‘Budget Behavior’ drop-down.
  • Select the budget variance calculation by selecting either “Standard” or “Actual % - budget %”. 
  • Select the prior year variance calculation by selecting either “Standard” or “Actual % - PY %”. 
  • Select whether or not to use only the time frame you selected in step two. If you select no, the report will show the entire period separated by weeks. If you select yes, the report will show $0 in the other weeks of the period. 
  • Select whether or not to fill out weeks. Filter by transaction type. 
  • Select whether or not to hide week columns. Select whether or not to hide budget columns. 
  • Select whether or not to hide prior year columns. This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: When running the Ops Statement report, why can’t I view complete period data? 

A: If your company’s Fiscal Year is set to “Calendar” and your fiscal week does not start on the same day as your period, you will only be able to view the complete period if the option “Yes” is selected in both the ‘Just This Timeframe’ drop-down field and the ‘Fill out Weeks’ drop-down field.