The Metrics Compared by Date report allows you to compare a selected metric between custom date ranges. Up to nine date ranges can be compared with the selected anchor date range. This allows you to compare a total of ten date ranges. 

Report Usage 

This report is helpful if you are trying to compare arbitrary time frames. For example, you could see how your sales on Mother's Day this year compares to your sales on Mother's Day in previous years. Or, if you have a yearly promotion that occurs during the first week of June each year, you can see how successful the promotion was this year compared to previous years. 

Report Features

  • Filter by location or location group.
  • Set your anchor date or date range. The information for this date range will appear in the first date column of the report, and it will be your basis for comparison.
  • View by one of the following Metrics: Net Sales, Gross Sales, Guest, Checks, Entrées, Comps, Dollars, DT Hours, DT Dollars, OT+DT Hours, OT+DT Dollars, Special Pay Infractions, Special Pay Dollars, Guest Average, Check Average, or Entrée Average.
  • Enter a sub-title for the report. The default sub-title is: "Custom Date(s) Compared to Anchor Date(s).
  • Set up to nine custom date ranges. Each date range can be labeled with a unique heading.
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.