The Meal Break Penalty Detail report compares the total number of shifts per hour block against the total number of meal break penalties (1st meal break, 2nd meal break, short break, and late break). A Total Penalties value and a Total Penalty Percentage value are then calculated for each location during the selected date range. 

Report Usage 

This report can help you see the total number of meal break penalties that have accumulated for a specific employee during a specific date range. Since this is a stacked report, it can also help you compare meal break penalty accumulation across multiple locations. Numerous penalties by a single employee or a high total penalty percentage by a single location may be a cause for concern. 

Report Features 

  • Filter by location(s) or location group(s). 
  • Filter by date. This report can be run for any specified length of time. 
  • Use the 'Summary Level' drop-down field to select whether you would like the report to be summarized by Employee, Date, or Employee by Job. 
  • Select whether or not you would like the report to only display infractions. 
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.