The Event Cover Letter report quickly produces various types of cover letters that can be sent to a customer. There are four cover letter types that can be generated: Inquiry, Proposal, Confirmation, or Final Bill. After selecting your desired Step 3 options on the report setup page, a cover letter will be generated with pre-loaded text. The pre-loaded text that is displayed on the cover letter can be set up on the Cover Letter Setup page of the Event Management module. 

This report can be accessed from the Reports module, the Event Management module under the ‘Reports’ tab, or directly from an event by navigating to the ‘Select Report’ drop-down in the top right corner of the Event Details page. 

Report Usage 

This report makes it easy to create a cover to be used in conjunction with event information that will be sent to clients.

Report Features

  • Enter a salutation to display on the letter.
  • Select whether or not to include the recipient’s first name in the salutation.
  • Select whether or not to include the recipient’s last name in the salutation.
  • In the ‘Event’ auto-fill field, enter the event for which you would like to generate a cover letter.
  • Filter by letter type.
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.