The Batch Report provides a detailed table that displays current and historical vendor invoices by batch number. This report can be accessed from the Reports module or from the Accounts Payable module under the ‘Reports’ tab. 

Report Usage 

This report is useful for checking current or historical information on vendor invoices (e.g., overpayment, underpayment, or past due invoices). 

Report Features

  • Filter by location(s) or location group(s).
  • Filter by date. This report can be run for any specified length of time.
  • Select whether or not to exclude no export vendors.
  • Select whether or not to include page breaks.
  • The amount of detail displayed on the report is determined by which option is selected in the ‘Metric’ field. “Batch Summary” provides the least amount of detail. “Invoice Detail” provides the most amount of detail.
  • Select the order in which you would like invoice information on the report to be sorted. Sort by Vendor Code or Vendor Name.
  • Select whether to display open invoice batches, posted invoice batches, or both.
  • You may filter by a specific batch number, invoice number, or vendor number by making the respective selection in the ‘Filter By’ field. Once you have made this selection, enter the batch number, invoice number, or vendor number in the ‘Filter’ field.
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.