The Consolidated Product Mix report compiles performance information for individual sale items for a selected period of time.

Report Usage 

This report provides detailed information about individual sale items. It can help a user recognize which items are selling well and which items are performing poorly. The report also shows which items have a large number of comps and promos, which can be a predictor of item quality.

Report Features

  • This report is fed by POS sales and how they are mapped to Master Sale Departments. This is completely configurable and changeable. 
  • Filter by location(s) or location group(s). 
  • Filter by date. This report can be run for any specified length of time. 
  • Select whether to calculate dollars and percentages off of net sales or gross sales. 
  • Select whether to include item Chain Modifiers in calculations. Choose between no, yes (with modifiers shown), and yes (with modifiers hidden). 
  • Filter by Item Group or select all Item Groups. 
  • Filter by priced items or select all priced items. 
  • Filter by Master Sale Department or select all departments. 
  • Select whether you would like to hide or show PLU numbers. Select the order in which you would like the results to display. 
  • Select the secondary sort order. Select a view. This will determine the method by which items are categorized on the report. "Item" is selected by default. 
  • Filter by Daypart or select all Dayparts. 
  • Filter by Revenue Center or select all Revenue Centers. 
  • Filter by Sale Department or select all Sale Departments. 
  • Filter by a specific Master Sale Department, Sale Department, or Item. Make your selection in the 'Filter By' field, then type the specific Master Sale Department, Sale Department, or Item in the 'Filter' field. 
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why does my Consolidated Product Mix not match my POS sales report? 

A: There are many different POS systems and each system reports information differently. It is possible that some minor variations may occur. 

Q: Why is my Consolidated Product Mix not populating? 

A: The number one reason the Consolidated Product Mix is not populating is that the location did not poll on the date(s) for which you are running the report. Another possibility is that your Master Sale Departments are not set up yet. 

Q: When the Consolidated Pmix is run for "all items," will voided items be included in item counts? 

A: The answer will largely depend on the POS you are using. In Aloha, you can set a void to affect inventory. Any void with this setting leaves the item sale recorded in the Aloha data ($0 price), and RADAR will preserve this. In HSI, the item sale record on voided items will be retained when a comp or promo was applied, since the alternative would throw things out of balance. (HSI retains that comp amount; it doesn't throw it away just because the item was voided.) For most POS's, though, voided items are not included.