This sales report summarizes the total sales for a particular location (or location group) on a single day for a specified metric. It also summarizes the chosen metric by specified time frame(s). The same information available on this report is also found in the Key Info Module, and the chosen Comparison on Key Info module settings will carry over to this report. This dictates whether the report will show Budget or Forecast comparison columns, or neither. 

Note that the Key Info Module is more dynamic than this report as it allows drill down capabilities to transactional level data in many cases.

Report Usage 

This is a great snap shot report that gives you a Macro view of specific metrics. 

Report Features 

  • Filter the report by location or location groups. 
  • Filter by date (single days only). 
  • Filter by the following metrics: Net Sales, Gross Sales, Labor $, Labor %, Labor Hours, OT DT Hours, Entrée Ct, Guest Ct,Check Ct, Entrée Avg, Guest Avg, Check Avg, Comps, Promos, Voids, GC Sold or GC Redeemed, Avg Reg Rate, or SPLH. 
  • Select up to three periods from the following options: DOB, Week, Period, Quarter, and Year. 
  • Choose whether or not to display owned locations. This option will display all location groups that consist wholly of locations you selected in Step 1. This option essentially emulates the "All" view on the Key Info page and produces a "Summary" line on the report. 
  • Show Budget, Forecast, or no comparison columns, dependent on Key Info module settings. 
  • This report can be viewed/exported in various formats. It can also be directly emailed.