The Void Breakdown chart displays the total amount, quantity, and percentage breakdown of voids by type, manager, or employee. A table, displayed below the chart, details void amount, percent of total amount, quantity, and percent of total quantity per selected metric. 

Chart Usage 

This chart can be used to quickly identify void activity issued during the selected date range as well as compare one void type against another. Additionally, this chart can be used to monitor and compare the number of voids issued by managers and/or employees.

Chart Features 

  • Filter by location or location group. 
  • Filter by date or date range. The options available for selection depend upon the selected period type. 
  • Select the period type by which to filter void activity. The available options include: DOB (date of business), weeks, months, quarters, or pay periods. 
  • Select whether you would like to group the promos by type, manager, or employee. “Voids by Type” is selected by default. 
  • Use the ‘Drill Down’ drop-down field to select the chart you will be navigated to upon selecting a data slice. If you select “Item Breakdown”, you will be navigated to the CVP Item Breakdown chart. If you select “Checks”, the POS Guest Check Reproduction report will open in a new window where you can view additional information. Note: This option is only available if you select “DOB” from the ‘Period Type’ drop-down field. Also note that if you selected “Voids by Manager” or “Voids by Employee”, there is no drill down capability. 
  • Select whether the data is displayed as a Pie or Doughnut Chart. Additionally, you have the option to select the chart’s size (either normal or large). 
  • Select SHOW to view the chart. Upon selection, you will also be granted the ability to print the chart (by selecting PRINT). 
  • If you were navigated to this chart from another chart (be selecting a data point), selecting DRILL UP will return you to the previous chart. 
  • If you hover your mouse over a data slice, a tooltip will appear and display the selected metric’s total amount and percent. Selecting the data slice will navigate you to the chart selected from the ‘Drill Down’ field. Note: This option is only available if you select “Voids by Type” from the ‘Metric’ drop-down field.