The Sales Mix chart provides detailed information for a selected metric (Net Sales, Gross Sales, or Item Quantities Sold) over the course of a week for multiple locations (or location groups). 

Chart Usage 

This chart can be used to view the fluctuation in sales (or item quantities) per sale department as well as aid in comparing sales data of one sale department to another.

Chart Features 

  • Filter by location or location group. 
  • Filter by year. Selecting the ‘Rolling?’ option will display a rolling year instead of a calendar year. 
  • Select the period type to display on the x-axis. 
  • Filter by metric (Net Sales, Gross Sales, or Item Quantities Sold). 
  • Select whether the data is broken down by master sale department or sale department. 
  • Use the ‘Show’ drop-down to select a specific master sale department or for the chart to display the top 5 sale departments. Additionally, you select whether the data displayed is in total amounts or percentages. 
  • Select SHOW to view the chart. Upon selection, you will also be granted the ability to print the chart (by selecting PRINT). 
  • If you hover your mouse over a data point, a tooltip will appear and display the selected metric’s total amount (or percent) and the associated date range. Note: This chart does not have drill down capabilities.