The Sale Department Breakdown chart displays a breakdown of the selected metric’s total dollar amount and percentage by sale department. A table, displayed below the chart, details the selected metric’s total dollar amount and percent per sale department. 

Chart Usage 

This chart is useful for quickly reviewing summary-level totals for a selected metric per sale department. Additionally, this chart can help you compare one sale department against another.

Chart Features 

  • Filter by location or location group. 
  • Filter by date or date range. The options available for selection depend upon the selected period type. 
  • Select the period type by which to filter the selected metric activity. The available options include: DOB (date of business), weeks, months, quarters, years, or pay periods. 
  • Filter by a specific master sale department or select “All Master Sale Depts”. 
  • Filter by a specific daypart or select “All”. 
  • Filter by a specific revenue center or select “All Revenue Centers”. 
  • Select whether to display the data as a Pie Chart or Doughnut Chart. Additionally, you have the option to select the chart’s size (either normal or large). 
  • Select SHOW to view the chart. Upon selection, you will also be granted the ability to print the chart (by selecting PRINT). 
  • If you were navigated to this chart from another chart (by selecting a data point), selecting DRILL UP will return you to the previous chart. 
  • If you hover your mouse over a data slice, you can view the corresponding sale department’s total dollar amount, percent of total, and total quantity during the selected date or date range. If you select a slice, you will be navigated to the Item Breakdown chart.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why is there a difference in sales (both Net and Gross) between the Master Sale Department Breakdown Chart and the Sale Department Breakdown chart? 

A: Unlike the Sale Department Breakdown chart, the Master Sale Department chart does not take into account comp, promo, and void activity. 

Q: Why is there a difference in quantity (when Net Sales or Gross Sales is selected) between the Sale Department Breakdown chart and the Item Breakdown chart? 

A: While the Sale Department Breakdown chart looks at a “Sales” data set, the Item Breakdown chart looks at a “PMix” dataset. The quantity on the Item Breakdown chart should closely match the value displayed when running a PMix report. Note, however, the Item Breakdown chart will account for $0 items.