The Manager Trends chart provides summary-level information for comp, promo, or void activity by manager across an entire year. 

Chart Usage

This chart is a great trend analysis tool, as it provides you with a quick way to track and compare your managers’ performance in regards to issuing comps, promos, or voids.

Chart Features 

  • Filter by location or location group. 
  • Filter by year. 
  • Selecting the ‘Rolling?’ option will display a rolling year instead of a calendar year. 
  • Select the period type to display on the chart’s x-axis. Select whether you would like to view comp, promo, or void activity. 
  • Select the number of managers to display. The available options include the top 5, 10, 15, or 20 managers. Additionally, you may select to view “All”. 
  • Select whether the data is displayed as a Line or Stacked Bar Chart. Additionally, you have the option to select the chart’s size (either normal or large). 
  • Select SHOW to view the chart. Upon selection, you will also be granted the ability to print the chart (by selecting PRINT). 
  • Hovering over a data point will reveal the manager’s total comp, promo, or void amount. Note: This chart does not have drill down capabilities.