The Inventory Item Breakdown chart displays a breakdown of inventory ending amounts and the associated percent per GL Code. A table displayed below the chart details GL Code amounts and percentages of total amount. Selecting a value in the “Price” column will navigate you to the Price Check page. Selecting a value in the “Amount” column will open a pop-out window where you can view additional information. 

This chart can be accessed from the Charts module or from the Inventory module under the ‘Charts’ tab. Note: The prices displayed on this chart are current prices and may not match posted prices. 

Chart Usage 

This chart is useful for reviewing the dollar amount for each item that is associated with the selected GL Code. This chart can help you determine how well an item is selling, such as a particular type of beer.

Chart Features 

  • Filter by location. 
  • Filter by date or date range. The options available for selection depend upon the selected inventory cycle. 
  • Filter by inventory cycle. 
  • Select whether the data is displayed as a Pie or Doughnut Chart. Additionally, you have the option to select the chart’s size (either normal or large). 
  • Select SHOW to view the chart. Upon selection, you will also be granted the ability to print the chart (by selecting PRINT). 
  • If you were navigated to this chart from another chart (be selecting a data point), selecting DRILL UP will return you to the previous chart. 
  • If you hover your mouse over a data slice, a tooltip will appear and display the selected GL Code, purchase amount, and percent of total purchased. Selecting the data slice will navigate you to the AP Purchases Invoice Breakdown.