The Location Comparison chart displays the activity of one or two selected metrics for any number of locations or location groups, simultaneously. 

Chart Usage 

By generating a color-coded bar for each instance of your selected metric(s), this chart allows you to quickly review the performance of multiple locations at once. Chart Features Filter by location(s) or location group(s). Filter by start and end dates. View numerous metrics, with the option to view two separate metrics at the same time. Check days of the week to get the average results of specific days within your chosen date range. 

Utilize start and end time options to return results for specific hour blocks within your chosen days. A start/end time of 12 AM/12 AM encompasses 12:00:00 AM through to 12:59:59 AM, for example. Hover your mouse over a bar to display a tooltip detailing the metric’s exact amounts, alongside your filter criteria. This is especially useful when viewing two metrics with different units of measurement, as the x axis can only display one unit at a time.