The Charts module provides an easy way to view the fluctuation in data over a selected date range. This can be helpful in evaluating a location’s performance in a variety of different areas. The charts are separated into nine categories: Metric, CVP (Comps, Promos, Voids), Items, Labor, Special Pay, Other, Comparisons, Inventory, and AP. The charts that are available for you to view depend on which modules you are currently utilizing. 

Viewing a Chart 

To view a chart, select a chart from the main Charts page or select a chart from one of the tabs. Once selected, you can use the steps below to filter the data presented on the chart:

  • Step 1: Filter by location or location group. Note: Permissions can be set so that a user can be limited to only accessing charts for their primary location group.
  • Step 2: Filter by date. 
    • Rolling?: If the date range displays a full year, you have the option to display a rolling year instead of a calendar year.
  • Step 3: Filter by other options such as period type, metric, revenue center, daypart, day of week, chart type, etc. The specific filters available in this section will depend on which chart you are viewing.
  • Step 4: Select SHOW to view the chart.


If a chart has C-Thru capabilities, you have the option of selecting a chart node, or data point, to “Drill Down” into another chart. The new chart will break apart the data you selected into a more detailed view. To return to the previous chart, select DRILL UP.