The Theo vs Actual Report Configuration page controls the setup for the Theo vs Actual By GL Report. This page allows you to create and edit GL Master Categories as well as assign or remove associated GL Codes. GL Codes not set as "Use For Inventory" are not valid for this report. 

Creating a New GL Master Category 

To create a new GL Master Category, enter the following information into the “Add New GL Master Category” window: 

  • Type - Select whether the new GL Master Category will consists of sale GL Codes or Cost (COGS and/or labor) GL Codes. Additionally, you may select “Total Sales” or “Total Costs”
  • Category Name - Enter the desired master category name into this text field
  • Sort Order - The number entered in this field will represent the order in which the master category is sorted
  • Multiplier - Since RADAR expects sales to be credits and costs to be debits, select “-1” if your category type is set to sales. If you master category type is set to cost, select “1”
  • Category Number - Enter the category number into this text field
  • Ratio Category Number - This field will only be available if “Costs” is selected in the ‘Type’ drop-down field. Enter the category number associated with the sales master category to which the cost master category will be compared
  • ADD - Select ADD to create the new master category

The GL Master Category Table 

The GL Master Category Table displays the following information for each GL Master Category: ID, Type, Sort Order, Multiplier, Category #, Ratio Category #, and GL Codes. 

  • Edit - Select the pencil icon to edit a GL Master Category’s information. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit your changes
  • Delete - Select the red x icon to delete a GL Master Category. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deletion
  • ‘Green arrow’ - Select the green arrow icon to view, add, or delete a GL Master Category’s associated GL Codes
  • ADD - To assign a GL Code to a GL Master Category, enter the desired GL Code into the auto-fill field. As with any other auto-fill fields, selections that match your typed information will appear as you type. After selecting the desired GL Code, select ADD
  • Delete - If you would like to remove a GL Code from a GL Master Category, select the red x icon. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deletion
  • DONE - Select DONE to close the “Add or Remove GL Codes” section