While a location group consists of one or more locations, a super group consists of one or more location groups. The Super Groups page allows you to view and create super groups and assign location groups to super groups. Note: At present, only the Flash report and custom reports can utilize super groups. 

Creating a New Super Group 

It is important to note that, unlike location groups which consist of one primary location, super groups are not automatically set up. However, this page allows you to create super groups by selecting NEW SUPER GROUP. After selection, the “New Super Group” window will appear. 

  • Name - Enter the desired name for the new super group
  • Sort Order - The number entered in this field will represent the order in which the super group is sorted
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to create the new super group or CANCEL to close the “New Super Group” window without saving. Either of these selections will immediately navigate you back to the main Super Groups page

The Super Groups Table 

The Super Groups table includes displays the following information for each Super Group: Super Group Name, Sort Order, and Member. 

  • Edit - Selecting the pencil icon will allow you to edit a super group’s name and sort order. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit your changes
  • Locations - If you select the green arrow icon, the Locations table, located to the right of the Location Groups table, will display all location groups that are currently assigned to the super group
  • Assign - To assign location groups to a super group, select one or more location groups in the “Available” column. (Select multiple location groups by holding down the Control key on the keyboard while making your selections.) Next, select the "<<" icon 
  • Remove - To remove location groups from a super group, select a location group in the “Assigned” section and select the ">>" icon. This will move the location group to the “Available” column
  • DONE - Select DONE to save any changes made to a super group