This page controls the periods that are used for your entire company. While you cannot change the dates associated with a period, you may alter a period’s name and/or abbreviation. There are five different types of periods: Weeks, Periods, Quarters, Years, and Pay Periods. 

A Period Name is broken down into the period type, the chronological number of that period type, and the year of that period type. Any particular date will only be present in one period for each period type. For example, January 1, 1999, only belongs to a single week, a single quarter, a single period, a single year, and a single pay period. A period abbreviation is simply a shorter version of the Period Name that is used for the sake of efficiency.

Basic Usage


  • Period Type - Select the period type for which to view period information
  • Year - Select the year for which to view period information
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view the results that match your search criteria

The Period Table


The Period table displays the following information for each period: Period name, Period Abbreviation, Start Date, End Date, Period #, and Period FY. While you may not edit the information in the “Start Date”, “End Date”, “Period #”, or “Period PY” columns, you may alter period names and period abbreviations. Select SAVE to save your changes.