The Items page allows you to view all menu items imported from your POS. You can also use this page to edit an item’s number or alias. 

Searching for a Menu Item 

The filters at the top of the page allow you to search for a specific menu item. 

  • Master Sale Department - Select the Master Sale Department of the item(s) for which you are searching
  • Sale Dept - Select the Sale Department of the items for which you are searching
  • Location(s) - Select the location or location group of the items for which you are searching
  • Last Sold - Select the time frame in which the item was last sold. “All” is selected by default
  • Keyword - Enter a keyword by which to filter
  • Rows - Adjust the size of the Items table by selecting the number of rows to show per page. “25” is selected by default
  • Show - Select whether to view all items, items with aliases, or items without aliases. “All Items” is selected by default
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view the results that match your search criteria

The Items Table 

The Items table displays the following information for each item: Item Number, Item Name, Sale Department, and Item Alias. To edit an item’s number or alias, select the pencil icon. 

  • # - Enter an item’s number into this field
  • Item Alias - Enter an item’s alias into this auto-fill field. As with any other auto-fill fields, selections that match your search criteria will appear as you type. An item alias will be displayed on numerous RADAR sales reports
  • UPDATE/CANCEL - Select UPDATE to commit your changes or CANCEL to cancel any changes you made

Advanced Usage 

If you would like to simultaneously add aliases to multiple menu items, you can use the export/upload function at the top of the page. 

  • EXPORT - Select EXPORT to export the Item Alias Template to Microsoft Excel
  • UPLOAD - Use the Item Alias Template to enter item aliases in the proper format. Once you have finished entering item aliases, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. Next, select UPLOAD at the top of the Items page. After selection, the “Upload Item Aliases” window will appear
  • BROWSE/CHOOSE FILE - Select BROWSE or CHOOSE FILE (depending on your browser) to locate your CSV file.
  • UPLOAD/CANCEL - Select UPLOAD to upload the CSV file, or select CANCEL to close the “Upload Item Aliases” window and return to the main Items page