The Intraday Alerts page allows you to set up intraday alert batches. Similar to email batches, an intraday batch is a collection of various alerts that can be emailed or sent via push notification to a user’s phone (if the Ctuit application, On The FlyTM, is installed). Numerous alerts are available for selection, such as Approaching OT with Punches, High Comps, Hours Worked Today, and more. In order to access the page, the company must be utilizing Intraday Polling. 

Viewing an Intraday Alert Batch 

  • Intraday Alert Batch - To view the email alerts that make up an intraday alert batch, select a batch in the ‘Intraday Alert Batch’ field
  • SHOW - Once you have selected a batch, select SHOW to view details about the batch
  • DELETE - To delete the selected Intraday Alert batch, select DELETE. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can cancel or confirm the deletion. Note: The DELETE button will not appear until you select a batch and then select SHOW
  • RUN - Selecting RUN will queue the selected email alert batch for execution. Note that the alerts may not be sent immediately. It can take a few minutes for the command to come up for execution and the email (or push notification) to reach you. Note: The RUN button will appear until you select a batch and then select SHOW

Creating a New Email Alert Batch 

To create a new intraday alert batch, select NEW INTRADAY ALERT BATCH. After selection, the “New Intraday Alert Batch” window will appear. 

  • Name - Enter the desired name of the email alert batch into this text field
  • Email Subject - Enter the subject line for the report batch email
  • Email Header - Enter the email’s header text into this field
  • Email Footer - If you would like the alert batch email to have a footer, enter the desired footer text into this field
  • Exclude Ctuit Footer - Select whether or not you desire the emailed batch to exclude the Ctuit footer message
  • Consolidate - If this option is selected, one consolidated email for all the alerts within the batch will be sent. If this option is not selected, one email per alert will be sent
  • Add Line Feeds - Selecting this option will cause blank lines to be added between each line of the email
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to create the new email alert batch or CANCEL to negate the creation of the batch

The Batch Details Table 

A Batch Details Table is present on the left side of the Intraday Alerts page. This table allows you to view and edit an alert batch’s settings. For more information on each of these settings, see the Creating a New Email Alert Batch section above.

  • EDIT - Select EDIT to change a batch’s settings. Once you are finished making changes, select UPDATE to commit your changes
  • HISTORY - Selecting HISTORY will cause the Last Runs table to be displayed below the Intraday Alerts table. This table displays the Recipient, Date/Time, and Alert Text information for the last 10, 20, or 50 alert batch runs
    • LAST 10: Select LAST 10 to view the last 10 batch runs 
    • LAST 20: Select LAST 20 to view the last 20 batch runs
    • LAST 50: Select LAST 50 to view the last 50 batch runs
  • CLOSE - Select CLOSE at the bottom of the page to close the Last Runs table

The Intraday Alerts Table 

The Intraday Alerts Table, displayed on the right side of the page, displays information for each alert in the selected batch. This table displays the following information for each alert: Intraday Alert Name, Description, filter options (if applicable), Sort Order, the Suppress Header designation, and the number of recipients. 

  • ADD ALERT - To add an intraday alert to the alert batch, select ADD ALERT. Upon selection, the “New Intraday Alert” window will appear
  • Intraday Alert - Use the drop-down field to select the desired intraday alert
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to add the alert to the batch or CANCEL to cancel to close the window without saving
  • ADD RECIPIENT TO ALL - To add recipients to all alerts in the batch, select ADD RECIPIENT TO ALL. The “Add Recipients to All Alerts” window will appear
  • Recipient - Select a user to add as a recipient for all intraday alerts in the batch
  • Location Group - Select the location group for which the selected recipient should receive intraday alerts. For more information on further overriding this selection, please see the “Edit” option below
  • Notification - Select whether the user is alerted via email, On The FlyTM push notification, both, or none
  • ADD/CANCEL - Select ADD to add the recipient or CANCEL to close the “Add Recipient to All Alerts” window without saving
  • REMOVE RECIPIENT FROM ALL - To remove a recipient from all intraday alerts in a batch, select REMOVE RECIPIENT FROM ALL. The “Remove Recipient from All Alerts” window will appear
  • Recipient - Select the user to remove from all alerts’ recipient list
  • REMOVE/CANCEL - Select REMOVE to remove the recipient or CANCEL to close the “Remove Recipient from All Alerts” window without saving
  • RECIPIENT(S) - If you select the [X] RECIPIENT(S) button for an alert (located in the third-to-last column of the Intraday Alerts table), the Intraday Recipients table will be displayed below the Intraday Alerts table. For more information on this table, see The Intraday Recipients Table section below
  • Edit - Selecting the pencil icon will allow you to edit the filter options, if applicable, (noted in the “Option 1” to “Option 5” columns) as well as the sort order. Unlike email alert batches, intraday alerts will run for All Company and then filter based on the user's assigned location group
  • UPDATE / CANCEL - Select UPDATE to commit your changes or CANCEL to negate any changes made
  • Deactivate - Selecting the red x icon will remove the alert from the intraday alert batch. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deactivation

The Intraday Recipients Table

The Intraday Recipients table displays the name and location group for each recipient of the selected alert. 

  • ADD RECIPIENTS - If you would like to assign one or more users to a single alert within the batch, select ADD RECEIPENTS (located directly above the Intraday Recipients table). Upon selection the “New Recipients” window will appear. Simply select the desired user(s), the location/location group for which they will be able to view alert data, and the manner in which they are to be alerted. Be sure to select SAVE to add the user(s) to be recipient of the alert. Alternatively, you may select CANCEL to negate your selections and close the “New Recipients” window
  • Edit - Selecting the pencil icon will allow you to edit a user’s location group. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit your change
  • Delete - Select the red x icon to delete the user from the batch. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deletion