The Gift Card Range Entry page allows you to view, edit, and create gift card ranges. For instance, you can add ranges that define different types of gift cards, such as Comp cards and Paid cards. Then, as imports come in, each card redemption will be compared to these ranges and assigned to the appropriate type. Note: Currently, only the Aloha and POSitouch interfaces support the use of this page; setting up card ranges for any other POS interface will have no effect. 

It is important to note that the information on this page works in conjunction with the information received during each data import that occurs. This information does not work retroactively. You must be proactive and enter your card ranges before issuing them to your locations.

The GC Ranges Table 

The GC Ranges table displays the following information for each gift card range: Alerts, GC Type, Beginning Number, Ending Number, Date Activated, Date Deactivated. You can also reactivate and deactivate gift card ranges using this table. 

  • Alert - A bell icon will appear if the range overlaps another range
  • Edit - Selecting the pencil icon will allow you to change the GC Type and range. Be sure to select UPDATE to commit your changes
  • DEACTIVATE - If you would like to deactivate a GC Range, select DEACIVATE. A confirmation window will appear where you can confirm or cancel the deactivation. Note: Deactivating a GC Range will not affect previously imported data
  • Deactivation Date - By default, the deactivation date will be set to the current day. If you would like to deactivate a GC to and set the deactivation date to a prior day, enter a deactivation date into the ‘Deactivation Date’ field at the top right corner of the page and then select DEACTIVATE
  • ACTIVATE - Select ACTIVATE to reactivate a deactivated GC Range

Creating a New GC Range 

To create a new GC Range, select NEW GC RANGE. Upon selection, the “New GC Range” window will appear. 

  • GC Type - Select the GC type of the new range. You may create a new GC Type by selecting NEW GC TYPE. Simply enter the new GC Type name and continue entering the information below. Note: Upon selecting SAVE, the New GC Type will appear in the ‘GC Type’ drop-down. field
  • Begin Range - Enter the GC beginning range number
  • End Range - Enter the GC ending range number
  • SAVE/CANCEL - Select SAVE to create the new GC Range or CANCEL to close the “New GC Range” window without saving