The Dayparts page allows limited management of the daypart definitions on the site. You can set the sort order of the dayparts (e.g., setting Lunch before Dinner). You can also set specific dayparts to be excluded from the dashboard widgets. This may be necessary if you have a lot of dayparts in use and you only want dashboard widgets to focus on the main dayparts you wish to review. 

This exclusion only applies to dashboard widgets; all dayparts will remain valid for the rest of the site. In general, dayparts are defined by the point of sale, and any management beyond this page should be handled there.

Basic Usage 

The Dayparts Table: The Dayparts table displays the following information for each daypart: ID, Daypart, Sort Order, and Exclusion status. Selecting the pencil icon will allow you to edit the following: 

  • Sort Order - The number entered in this field will represent the order in which the daypart is sorted
  • Exclude from Dashboard - Selecting this option will exclude the daypart from dashboard widgets
  • UPDATE/CANCEL - Select UPDATE to commit your changes or CANCEL to negate any changes
  • The Daypart Overrides Table - If RADAR is set to override the dayparts from the POS, or if you are using a POS that doesn't support the collection of daypart information, you will find the current daypart overrides, by location, in this table

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the starting and ending times of the dayparts? 

A: In general, dayparts are defined at the point of sale level, and the start/end times are not stored in RADAR. In other words, each transaction is assigned Lunch or Dinner by the POS, and RADAR does not determine which daypart to use based on the transaction time. This general rule is broken by the following POS’s: Micros 3700, Digital Dining, Revention, and POSitouch. If you are using one of these POS’s and you would like more information about daypart setups, please contact your site administrator.