The Add Locations page allows you to submit a new location to be added to RADAR.

Add Location to New Location List 

The “Add Location to New Location List” window allows you to enter the following location-specific information: 

  • Number - Enter the location’s number into this text field
  • Name -Enter the name of the location into this field. This is the name of the location that will display throughout RADAR
    • Note: You are limited to 25 characters in this field. Only letters, numbers, and the following special characters are allowed: “*”, “(“, “)”, “.”, “&&”, “é”, “+”, and “#”
  • Short Name - Enter an abbreviated location name into this field. The short name is used on certain pages and reports with space limitations. Note: This field is limited to five characters
  • Export ID - The value entered into this field is used for exports when the location ID will not suffice. For example, if the locations ID is “1” but the accounting package pads it out to “01”, you can enter “01” in the export ID field and this value will be used on the export. Note: This field is limited to 10 characters
  • Install Date - Select the RADAR install date by either typing the desired date into the field or by selecting the calendar icon and navigating to the desired day
  • Install Method Request - Select the preferred installation method
  • Historical Backpoll to date - If you would like RADAR to collect data prior to the install date, the date entered here will determine how far back data will be collected. Note: Each day prior to the start of the current month will incur a $.50 backpoll charge. We will not start the backpoll until the data has been audited and the signed historical backpoll agreement has been returned. It is not necessary to designate a backpoll date
  • Point of Sale - Select the locations point of sale (POS) in this drop-down field. Version: Enter the POS version number into this text field
  • Overtime Rule - Select the location’s overtime rule. Country: Select the country in which the location resides
  • Contact Information - Enter the location’s address, city, state, ZIP Code, phone number, time zone, and store contact information into the corresponding text fields
  • Remote Access & Notes - Enter any additional notes into this text field. Note: To accomplish the install, it typically involves remote access in some fashion. Any information you can provide here will be useful
  • ADD TO LIST - Select ADD TO LIST > to add the location to the New Location List Table

The New Location List Table 

Upon selecting ADD TO LIST > the New Locations table will be displayed. The following can be accomplished using this table:

  • ADD ANOTHER LOCATION - Selecting ADD ANOTHER LOCATION will cause the “Add Location to New Location List” window to appear above the New Location List Table
  • Edit - If you select the pencil icon, the “Add Location to New Location List” will open with the location’s information automatically populated in the fields. This will allow you to edit the location’s information. Be sure to select ADD TO LIST to add the location back to the New Location List table
  • Delete - Select the red x icon to delete the location. Upon selection, a confirmation window will appear where you will be able to confirm or cancel the deletion