The Modules page allows Super Admins to turn on locations for any “add-on” RADAR module(s). A list of all currently available add-on modules is displayed in the light blue box at the top of the page. Note: There is a monthly charge associated per location per module. Please be aware that any changes made on this page will directly affect your monthly billing. 

Basic Usage 

  • Module - Select the module for which you would like to add location access
  • SHOW - Select SHOW to view all locations with module access and without module access. Upon selecting SHOW, the “WHITELIST SPECIFIC LOCATIONS” section will be displayed
  • WHITELIST SPECIFIC LOCATIONS - The WHITELIST SPECIFIC LOCATIONS section is comprised of two parts: “Currently Enabled” and “Available”
  • Assign - In order to give a location access to the module, select one or more locations in the “Available” column. (Select multiple locations by holding down the Control key on the keyboard while making your selections.) Next, select WHITELIST SELECTED LOCATION. Note: If you would like to remove a module for a location, contact your site administrator
  • WHITELIST ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE LOCATIONS - Selecting WHITELIST ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE LOCATIONS will ensure that all locations (including locations that will be added in the future) have access to the selected module

The Current Monthly Charges Table

The Current Monthly Table displays a breakdown of the monthly charge per location. The table displays the Location ID, location name, base cost for RADAR, the cost for each individual module, and the total location cost. EDI vendors will also be displayed on this table. 

Note: Any location with a base rate of $0 can be whitelisted without accruing a monthly charge. Locations with a base rate of $0 will always be $0, even if it were whitelisted for every add-on module.