The Setup Cash Flow Report page controls the setup and configuration of the Cash Flow Report. This page allows you to assign metrics to columns that will be displayed on the report. Additionally, this page allows to you define the categories displayed on the report as well as categories available for selection on the Cash Flow Entries page in the GL Sales module. 

Basic Usage 

  • Cash/CC Columns - The “Cash/CC Columns” section allows you to select up to 10 Cash/CC metrics for use with the Cash Flow Report. Note: If you do not need to view 10 Cash/CC metrics, select “–None” for any remaining columns
  • Data Entry Columns - The “Data Entry Columns” section allows you to enter up to 5 categories for use on the Cash Flow report and the Cash Flow Entries page. To activate a column, enter the category name into one of the text fields
  • Mid-Month Tenders - If you need to factor in an injection of mid-month tenders, you may wish to adjust the starting BALANCE figure to simply reflect your additional money there. You can also edit the note to reflect that the BALACE for this month includes a manual, mid-month adjustment
  • Company Preferences - The “Company Preferences” window displays your credit fee percentages. Contact your Site Administrator if you need to make adjustments to any of the fee percentages
  • SAVE CC CHANGES - Select SAVE CC CHANGES to save any changes made on this page
  • RUN REPORT - Select RUN REPORT to immediately navigate to the Cash Flow Report