The File Manager page allows you to upload and store various documents on RADAR. It can be used to store important files in a single location that can be accessed by multiple users in the company regardless of their location. The following file types can be uploaded to the File Manager page: doc, docx, zip, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, rtf, txt, and pdf. There is a 10 MB limit to each file and a total limit of 3 GB for all documents. As the disclaimer at the bottom of the File Manager page states, it is strongly recommended that you maintain the master file on your end.

Adding a Folder 

You can add folders on the File Manager page to help you organize your uploaded files. To add a folder: Select ADD FOLDER in the top left corner of the File Manager screen. Name the folder by typing the desired name into the ‘Name’ text box. Select the location to which you would like to save the new folder. You can make new root-level folders or create new folders within an existing folder. 

Select SAVE to create the new folder or CANCEL to return to the original screen.

Find File 

In order to quickly navigate to a specific file, you may type a word or phrase into the ‘Find File’ text box in the upper right corner of the File Manager screen. After selecting FIND, a table will appear with the following information: File, Folder, Access Type, Date Created, Date Modified, and Modified By

  • DOWNLOAD - Select this option to download the file
  • MOVE - Select MOVE to move the file to another location
  • PERMISSIONS - Selecting PERMISSIONS allows you to control which users can access the file 
  • Public - This option allows all users to download the file
  • Restricted - This option allows only the users who can edit the File Manager to download the file
  • Location - This option allows the accessibility of the file to be based on location permissions and a user’s Primary Location Group. If you select this option, a list of locations will appear. Select the location(s) to which you would like to grant file access
  • DELETE - Select this option to delete the file. Folder Options The following information is displayed when you select a folder: Size, Created By, and Last Modified By. Additionally, several options become available
  • UPLOAD FILE - This option allows you to upload a file to the selected folder. After selecting UPLOAD FILE, enter a title for the file and enter or browse for the file path. Finally, certify that the file being uploaded is virus-free and select SAVE
  • RENAME - To rename a folder, select RENAME and enter the new folder name into the ‘Name’ field. Select SAVE to commit the change
  • MOVE - This option allows you to move a folder to a different location. After selecting MOVE, select the location to which you would like to move the folder. You can make the folder a root level folder or move it into an existing folder
  • PERMISSIONS - This option allows you to set up folder permissions. If you set up a folder as a “Protected Folder”, then the folder will only be accessible by super admins and user in the “Allowed Users” list. Selecting ‘Protected Folder’ will cause a list of allowed users and available users to be displayed. You can use the right and left arrows to add/remove available users to the Allowed Users list
  • DELETE - Select this option to delete a folder. A confirmation window will appear if you select DELETE which will allow you to cancel or confirm the deletion